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There are animal welfare vegans and animal only-fight-against-other-vegans abolitionist vegans. V-EGANISM is neither. Just as there are positive things and negative things about conservatives and liberals, there are positive things and negative things about welfarists and abolitionists. V-EGANISM avoids all 4 "political parties", and remains as an independent in thoughts and actions, only choosing what is right and just for animals, humans, and the environment. V-EGANISM however does have a mission statement which is how the founder of veganism, Donald Watson, originally coined the word's definition. It was a perfect definition then and it still is a perfect definition now! So the following paragraph is V-EGANISM's official Mission Statement--and nothing more, nothing less, we are simply called, "Vegan Activists", with no additives:

"V-EGANISM educates people and helps people and animals regarding the political and social justice cause, Veganism, which is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude--as far as is possible and practical--all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, household products, entertainment, service or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment."

Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Maneki Neko Cat

Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Maneki Neko Cat

Love & Peace Maneki Neko Cat

Love & Peace Maneki Neko Cat

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Vegan Ostara and Easter

Ostara is a symbol of fertility but many pagans use actual animal eggs for potlucks, rituals, spells, and art. But you can make your Ostara--or Easter--celebration much better and cruelty--free vegan:

For potlucks, look into any of the egg-free alternatives for egg dishes. You can find the cruelty-free products at health food stores like Whole Foods. The brand Ener-G Replacer is a great egg substitute for any egg dish. Tofu scramble is good too.

Tie-dyeing is terrific for adults and kids! Use cruelty-free ingredients to dye altar cloths, ritual cloaks, and anything else you want dyed instead of buying and dying eggs. 

For Easter hunts, have children look for plastic eggs that might be painted or contain hidden treasures. Buying bags of the plastic eggs may not be eco-friendly, but if you get those, using them over and over every year is still much better on the environment than real factory-farmed eggs, plus no harm done to animals.

The little plastic eggs are also great for spells and majick. Make a charm by putting spell scrolls, stones, and herbs in them, charge them, and hang them on trees outside your house, or indoors in some prominent place.

Ostara and Easter is a wonderful time to plant herbs, foods, and flowers. 

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  1. I've wondered about whether there is dairy-free (vegan) chocolate and I see you posted a picture of a vegan chocolate bunny. Is it made with soy?

    1. I don't know what it's made of but yes, there should be "milk chocolate" vegan treats made instead of dark chocolate, and one way would be using soy.