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There are animal welfare vegans and animal only-fight-against-other-vegans abolitionist vegans. V-EGANISM is neither. Just as there are positive things and negative things about conservatives and liberals, there are positive things and negative things about welfarists and abolitionists. V-EGANISM avoids all 4 "political parties", and remains as an independent in thoughts and actions, only choosing what is right and just for animals, humans, and the environment. V-EGANISM however does have a mission statement which is how the founder of veganism, Donald Watson, originally coined the word's definition. It was a perfect definition then and it still is a perfect definition now! So the following paragraph is V-EGANISM's official Mission Statement--and nothing more, nothing less, we are simply called, "Vegan Activists", with no additives:

"V-EGANISM educates people and helps people and animals regarding the political and social justice cause, Veganism, which is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude--as far as is possible and practical--all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, household products, entertainment, service or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment."

Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Maneki Neko Cat

Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Maneki Neko Cat

Love & Peace Maneki Neko Cat

Love & Peace Maneki Neko Cat

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cruelty-Free Runway Show and Clothing Gift Ideas

Check out this San Francisco Vegan Fashion Show, held on Oct 2, 2010 in Golden Gate Park:

These are some fantastic places to get vegan clothing, shoes, bags, and accessory gifts for someone--or for yourself!



Also, check out PETA's page for a plethora of sites to shop for more vegan clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories:


Monday, November 26, 2012

Ten Talents

As I mention great gifts for holiday shopping, I want to mention Ten Talents cookbook, which is my favorite all-around book of all time. Just to let you know, Ten Talents is not a vegan cookbook; it does have some recipes with honey, but that's it regarding animal ingredients.

Frank and Rosalie Hurd's Ten Talents is a classic natural foods vegetarian/vegan health manual emphasizing God's Original Diet for man, from the Garden of Eden as found in the Bible--Genesis 1:29.

A pioneer veg*n best-seller, Ten Talents was first published in 1968, when the term vegan was virtually unknown in the US. This book of 675 pages has over 1,000 healthy recipes, including 21 informative chapters on foods, and in proper combination for fantastic health and nutrition. It has a natural foods and appliance glossary, information on baby feeding with recipes, recipes using vegetables, legumes,  breads, desserts, fruits & fruit salads, grains, herbs & seasonings, meatless main dishes, nuts, seeds, olives, vegetable salads, salad dressings & dips, sandwiches & spreads, sauces, creams & gravies, soups & stews, sprouting, vegetables & side dishes, meal planning & menus, canning, freezing & drying, dairy & cheese substitutes, beverages, a section for those on a transition diet, and a chapter on the 10 healthy lifestyle principals for abundant health.

Compiled from the storehouse of real foods without the use of refined sugars, harmful additives, and animal/dairy products (except honey, which can be easily substituted by using other sweeteners the book mentions).

Ten Talents stays updated (the current book edition was published in April 2, 2012). It is also beautifully and artistically illustrated with more than 1,300 color photographs.

It makes a fabulous all-in-one veg*n cookbook!

Friday, November 23, 2012

In Praise of Animals

In Praise of Animals honors the animals in our lives. In this unique collection, Edward Searl has gathered poems, prose, blessings, chants--tributes of all kinds, ancient and modern. He explores the varied topics of pets, wildlife, stewardship, ecology, evolution, and the spiritual connection among all creatures.

He establishes the connections which link us to two-legged, four-legged, winged and finned creatures and sees us all together on the same evolutionary adventure of diversity.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cruelty-Free Thanks!

Me too!
I give thanks today especially to all my fellow vegans who extend compassion to all living beings.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Child's Book of Animal Poems and Blessings

These poems, prayers and blessings about our animal brethren are drawn from around the world and throughout history. The book speaks to a child's sense of connection with the animal kingdom.
Amusing and reverential, Eliza Blanchard weaves together a collection that inspires gratitude and joy for a world rich in diversity and wonder. Sources include the Bible, African and Native American cultures, Lewis Carroll, William Wordsworth and Christina Rosetti. Full-color illustrations.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gary Kowalski - Minister and Animal Rights Activist

Gary A. Kowalski is a minister and an American author noted for his books on eco-spirituality, science, history, and animals. He is the author of eight books including:

The Souls of Animals, Science and the Search for God

Goodbye Friend: Healing Wisdom For Anyone Who Has Ever Lost A Pet

Blessings of the Animals: Celebrating Our Kinship With All Creation

The Bible According To Noah: Theology As If Animals Mattered, Earth Day

Green Mountain Spring and Other Leaps of Faith

Revolutionary Spirits: The Enlightened Faith of America's Founding Fathers

A graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Divinity School, Kowalski was the senior minister of Burlington's First Unitarian Universalist Society for over 20 years. While there, he performed about 25 marriage ceremonies each year, including same-sex marriages because Kowalski said that the church should support all long-term, mutually committed relationships. He also served on the Vermont State Advisory Panel to the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

In the summer of 2010, Kowalski left Burlington and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to begin a 12-month interim ministry for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe. In the following year, he became interim minister at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist, of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Bible According to Noah: Theology As If Animals Mattered

The Bible According to Noah explores the ancient stories of the Creation, Noah's Ark, Abraham's near sacrifice of Isaac, the torment of Job, and Jonah and the whale to explore their relevance today—especially in regard to how we view and treat other animals. Kowalski draws together the findings of animal science to create an ecologically inspired rendition of the scriptures that honors the sanctity and kinship of all living beings. He uncovers the psychological and spiritual connections we have with other animals and those, such as children, who are left in our care. Kowalski calls for a different reading of the ancient wisdom of the Bible—one that advocates nonviolence, tolerates difference, and demands justice.

The book takes this topic to new depths of intellectual inquiry, examining the role of animals in biblical texts and, by extension, contemporary culture. Arguing that a new appreciation of animals is desperately needed to rescue Western society from its own anti-environmentalism, Gary Kowalski offers new renditions of familiar biblical stories: God tells humans to love the earth and preserve it instead of dominate it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Goodbye, Friend

In the book, Goodbye, Friend, author Gary Kowalski takes you on a journey of healing, offering warmth and sound advice on how to cope with the death of your companion animal. Filled with heartwarming stories and practical guidance on such matters as taking care of yourself while mourning, creating rituals to honor your companion's memory, talking to children about death, and considering death and the continuum of life, Goodbye, Friend is a beautiful and comforting book for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved animal and is a much-needed resource for any grieving companion parent.

The author shows the need for the Church to recognize bereavement for companion animals in the same way it recognizes bereavement over human loss and the need to stop denying the fact that animals have souls and spirits, just as we do.
Through a series of short chapters, the author walks us through the mourning process of various individuals through whom we can relate our own losses and look forward with hope to seeing our lost companions again in heaven. Our feelings of loss are not unique, but universal among all people of compassion.
He concludes his book with ideas for creating a memorial service and inspirational readings from many faiths, past and present.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Compassion in Action

A week from today is Thanksgiving. This holiday and it’s traditions are mainly about food and one food in particular:


A turkey is, like a dog or cat, a sentient being with thoughts, feelings and desires.

But unlike our companion animals, a turkey goes through a tremendous amount of suffering to end up in the grocery store and consequently on the Thanksgiving table. Turkeys are neglected, mutilated, and die a horrible death all so they can be the centerpiece on tables, and as people gorge themselves on the carcass of a sentient being that endured a gruesome fate.

We can stop this tradition and the cruelty involved. There are other foods that can be sought for those who want to look at this time of giving thanks in a different, more compassionate way. A way without supporting cruelty, a way to celebrate giving thanks with an abundance of compassion.

Instead of eating a turkey this Thanksgiving, it is possible to start a new tradition:  Save a turkey. All traditional foods on the Thanksgiving table can be made animal product-free, cruelty-free with little effort.

If you are not vegan already, please think about the animal suffering that is involved during this holiday season and every day. The traditions of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what we have, health, happiness, love and family. We should extend these privileges to all creatures that share this planet with us.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blessings of the Animals: Celebrating Our Kinship with All Creation

This is a brand new book that came out yesterday! Included in Blessings of the Animals:
Find out how "swarm intelligence" is creating smarter phone systems inspired by the creativity and collective wisdom of the common ant.

Discover what happens when a visionary artist travels to Africa to bury the portraits of 23 primates who died in a Philadelphia zoo.

Ponder how cultures as diverse as the Cherokee, Chinese, Egyptians, and ancient Hindus identified the night's brightest star with a canine spirit guide.

Explore how meditation practice helps a Buddhist beekeeper fend off a disease that threatens most of the world's honeybees.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Souls of Animals

In this revised edition of his celebrated book, The Souls of Animals, Unitarian Universalist minister Reverend Gary Kowalski discusses the big spiritual questions around our relationship with animals--whether they have souls, self-consciousness, awareness of death, and a capacity for recognizing beauty. Rev. Kowalski combines heartwarming stories with solid science to show that other creatures are not insensitive objects devoid of feeling and intellect but thinking, sentient beings with an inward, spiritual life.
The Souls of Animals presents insights into the emotional lives of animals, their creative abilities, their sense of play, their experience of love, and their awareness of death. As John Robbins states in the preface: this book is a resource that is about "learning to take our place with reverence and respect in the council of all beings."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Familiar Strangers

Familiar Strangers: The Church and the Vegetarian Movement in Britain (1809-2009) is a book about the history of the relationship between the Churches and organized vegetarianism in Britain over two centuries.

Within the name, Familiar Strangers, author John Gilheany captures the essence of the struggle that has existed between the church and the vegetarian movements for the past 2,000 years, and his study of the last 200 years in Britain highlights the continued struggle, as well as the advances that have occurred.

For far too many years the majority of churches and church leaders have turned a blind eye and heart toward the suffering of animals, and the health problems to human beings that an animal product based diet causes. In Familiar Strangers, John Gilheany brings to light the historical documentation and the need for all of us to become vegetarian/vegan, for it is God's heavenly will for our lives, and the best thing for the animals and the environment.

In Familiar Strangers, we also see how the animal rights movement was a natural progression of the vegetarian influence with it's concern for the suffering of animals.

In 1809, the origins of the vegetarian movement were set in place with the foundation of the Bible Christian Church of Salford. The radical sect, whose congregation included local Civic leaders and the first M.P. for Salford, Joseph Brotherton (1783 - 1857) was instrumental in the formation of the Vegetarian Society, in 1847. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the wider Food Reform movement had developed both secular and spiritual ideals which attracted a notable proportion of Christians.

Among the more prominent religious figures to have shared an association with Christian vegetarianism have been John and Charles Wesley; General William Booth, C.H Spurgeon, Leo Tolstoy, Lord Soper, and even Mahatma Gandhi.

The reluctance of the Vegetarian Society to adopt an overtly theological stance led to the formation of related but distinctly religious organizations. The Order of the Golden Age became particularly influential during the Edwardian period whilst operating from prestigious offices in London's Knightsbridge. The most remarkable achievement of the forgotten organization occurred in 1907, when their propaganda was met with a change in diet on the part of Pope Pius X.

The vegetarian movement entered into a decline after the Second World War from which it was unable to recover until the Counter Culture of the 1960s eventually gave rise to the modern animal rights movement.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Animals--God's Faithful Servants

Animals--God's Faithful Servants is written from a Christian perspective about the sacred relationship between God, man and animals. It deals with animal theology, pet loss euthanasia, dealing with grief, funeral services and includes biblical references to animals.